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The Ghosts of New England Research Society

Many people see things that they're just no sure about, hear sounds that come out of nowhere, see things out of the corners of their eyes and when they look, they don't see anything there. Other people, when you mention ghosts, will confess to absolute skepticism.


The camera lens and light have created this image of "paranormal orbs" that are really raindrops

When we do an investigation, we use our equipment to do as much to debunk the idea that there might be ghosts or spirits in the venue as we do looking for something that might, indeed be there. In this photo, you can see what looks like balls of energy, which are simply raindrops and light scattering off of them. We're not taken in by false claims and we do our uttermost to make sure that the research we do is accurate and clear. If you're seeing something that can be easily explained, we'll explain it to you as the phenomenon that it truly is.

But if we do find something, we will alert you to the facts that we find. We will not suggest spirits caused a pot or pan in a kitchen to fall or be relocated unless we have clear evidence of that happening on camera. We won't point to a dust-mote that is out of focus and call it an "orb of energy."

Kurt knapp, Mike Ahern, Lellie Gilbert and Karen Hollis speak before the Middlesex Institute for Lifelong Learning Kurt Knapp, Mike Ahern, Kellie Gilbert and Karen Hollis speak before the Middlesex Institute for Lifelong Learning

We provide people with facts

Ghosts of New England Research Society offers presentations for your group about our investigations, experiences and to help people understand that, if something paranormal is going on, it is no indication that someone is crazy, disturbed or experiencing a psychosis. While it may be the wind, an electrical fault or nothing more than settling of a building, we work to help our clients explain what is, sometimes, unexplainable.

Renowned Psychic Medium Karen Hollis, with Kurt Knapp and Kellie Gilbert take questions from the Middlesex Institute for Lifelong Learning Karen Hollis takes a question from the MILE audience

We recently provided an informational lecture to the Middlesex Institute for Lifelong Learning. We covered our investigations, the types of clients we see and how people can easily contact us to initiate an investigation on their property. We spoke about recent investigations and our organization, how we work and what we do. After our talk to a packed house, we received the following from them:

Middlesex Institute for Lifelong Learning Logo

On October 25, MILE attendees were fascinated with your outstanding presentation encompassing all aspects of your explorations of the paranormal. So many questions were answered during the interactive segments adding much to a top-notch learning experience.

It was gratifying to learn that your group's services are truly altruistic. G.O.N.E.R.S. is special.

The time and expertise you have given to our program is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much

The MILE Advisory Board

We show presentations to groups to make them familiar with what we do