Ghosts of New England Research Society G.O.N.E.R.S.

Press Coverage

The results of our investigations get noticed. We have been written up, have been interviewed for television and we continue to receive accolades for our work.

WTNH Channel 8 Connecticut Style

The Types of Hauntings

On October 30th, WTNH-TV's CT Style host interviewed Lead Psychic/Medium Karen Hollis and Lead Investigator Brian Flanagan about the four types of hauntings. You can see the episode here.

WTIC Fox CT Channel 61

Hidden History

In October, 2015, FoxCT did an episode of Hidden History on the Hale Homestead. Ghosts of New England Research Society Lead Investigator and founder, Kurt Knapp was interviewed about the investigation of this property and their findings, along with Lead Psychic/Medium Karen Hollis.

Connecticut has a lot of history, from the time before and after the Revolution, through the rise of the Industrial Age to now. Some of that history has been known to create paranormal events that many have witnessed. The Ghosts of New England Research Society stands ready to investigate. Find out more.


After an investigation of the Isham-Terry House, requested by the Connecticut Landmarks, the G.O.N.E.R.S. team did a live reveal on Friday, October 24th. Prior to this live reveal, WTIC-TV interviewed Karen Hollis about the upcoming live reveal. Find out more.

Jammin' 107.7 Radio, Ledyard, CT

Kurt Knapp and Karen Hollis were interviewed on Jammin' 107.7 FM about G.O.N.E.R.S and the kinds of investigations they do. by Brian Ram and Pebbles on their morning drive show. While there was no investigation of the radio station in Ledyard, it is possible that Pebbles' new apartment may be the source of an investigation in the near future…

Listen to the show exerpt here.

The Middletown PressAugust 13, 2014


Middletown's ghost-hunting team will debunk or confirm paranormal activity

"There's fear sometimes, but we want to know why or how," Kurt Knapp, Lead Investigator of the Ghosts of New England Research Society said. "I was interested in if you can communicate after death or visit after death."

That was when Knapp really jumped into the paranormal world, eventually forming the Ghosts of New England Research Society.

"I read as much as I could about everything strange and unusual," Knapp said. "I retired four years ago and devoted my time to putting the team together. New England has layers of history." read more of this article.

Debunking Earthbound Spirits

The Door Opener Magazine, Summer, 2012

The Door Opener

The spirit of a deceased person may remain in the Earth plane for many reasons, but the greatest myth about earthbound spirits is that they are held against their free will, either by other ghosts or by loved ones who are still alive.

An earthbound spirit is the energetic essence (life-force) of a once living person who has not, yet, crossed over to their Spiritual Home (heaven, Nirvana, etc). The idea that a spirit is somehow being caused to remain on the earth place, rather than move into the Light probably has more to do with our misunderstanding of both human nature and our own spiritual essence. Read more…

Ghost Hunters Explore Cromwell Home for TV's 'A Haunting'

Middletown Patch

A colonial home built in 1791 along Cromwell's historic Main Street is the subject of the GONERS recent investigation. Founder Kurt Knapp says his team was contacted by owner Mark Corvo after he recorded dozens of conversation snippets — both affectionate and menacing — in his smart phone. Read more…

Signs of After Life

The Royal Gazette, Bermuda

Do your keys have a way of vanishing and then reappearing? Do things fall out of cupboards for no apparent reason? Have you ever felt someone grab your arm in the middle of the night even though you live alone?

Kurt Knapp, a retired upholsterer from Connecticut has been investigating the paranormal since 1983, and formed the Ghosts of New England Research Society a few years ago.

GONERS investigates 25 to 30 cases of suspected paranormal activity a year. They don't charge for their investigations, although they appreciate having travel expenses paid. Read more…