Ghosts of New England Research Society G.O.N.E.R.S.

Is it real or is it faked?

Our technicians developed this custom tripod for infra-red cameras

Matthew East and Billy Jenkins custom-designed tripod adapters for our infra-red cameras.

We've watched the "ghost" shows and, just like you, we're entertained and amused. But if you are woken up at 3:00 AM every night by a sound that you cannot explain, if your employees are finding that their personal items are missing with regularity, if things that have been securely put away move to where they do not belong, you need to contact us.

We're here to ease your mind.

There is no fakery here. We use equipment, some of which is custom-made for us and by us. We don't use camera tricks or special effects to make something that is not there. What we see is what you will see when we are done with an investigation.

Are you haunted?

We find that most of what people call "hauntings" may be easily explained. We also know what kinds of places usually get haunted—and why. If you know what's going on, you can plan to either take advantage of it or rid yourself of it. The Ghosts of New England Research Society can go through all of the options open to you.

Here's what people are saying about the television episodes

The Ghosts of New England Research Society has been on two episodes of Destination America's "A Haunting." Our investigations provided a story line that really has the viewers' attention. The following are from an announcement of a new show on Destination America, a Discovery Channel:

Discussion on Destination America

Roger T Avatar

Roger T.

By the way, I love this year's, "A Haunting" episodes, especially "Well From Hell". Will we be seeing more of the Ghosts of New England Research Society, (G.O.N.E.R.S) ? I think it was the second or third time on "A Haunting "and we really liked their episodes!! The lead investigator, I think his name is Kurt, reminds me of an old time detective like on Dragnet.

Carol L. Generic Avatar

Carol L.

D.A. Has the best ghosts shows on TV. I really like When Ghosts Attack but A Haunting is still my favorite. And I agree with Roger, those GONERS people rock! Let's see more of them !!!

Sue D Avatar

Sue D.

You are so right Roger. That "A Haunting "episode about the well was the best they had in a long time. I want to see more of Kurt too. Love his eyes. And the psychic, I think Karen is her name she had me in tears talking about the little girl. Awesome show but really scary. I feel so bad for that man who lives in the house!

Dotty Ann Avatar

Dotty Ann

Yes! I loved that A Haunting show about the well in the house! That psychic's name is Karen Hollis I seen her before on shows and she in amazing!! More goners please !