Ghosts of New England Research Society G.O.N.E.R.S.

Live, on the air!

Jammin' 107.7 Radio, Ledyard, CT

Kurt Knapp and Karen Hollis were interviewed on Jammin' 107.7 FM about G.O.N.E.R.S and the kinds of investigations they do. by Brian Ram and Pebbles on their morning drive show. While there was no investigation of the radio station in Ledyard, it is possible that Pebbles' new apartment may be the source of an investigation in the near future…

Kurt and Karen at the 107.7 Radio Station

While on the air, Kurt Knapp spoke about the television show, "Paranormal Survivor," which will be interviewing Kurt, Karen and other members of the Investigation Team about past investigations that have shown what appear to be hauntings

Karen Hollis does a live reading on the 107.7 morning show
Karen Hollis talks to a caller on the Brian Ram and Pebbles morning show on Jammin' 107.7FM

Listen to Kurt and Karen's appearance below: