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The Italian House

We entered the huge, darkened, old house at 6:00 pm on Friday, October 30, 2010 and were locked in by a custodian. Only a few minutes later, something or someone, touched my left forearm, rather firmly. Looking around to see if I brushed up against something, I was satisfied I had not. Could it be that someonw was trying to make contact?

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Coventry CT

Among the homes that Connecticut Landmarks has asked us to investigate is the Nathan Hale homestead. This home is owned by Connecticut Landmarks. The G.O.N.E.R.S. Team investigated the Nathan Hale Homestead on November 7, 2014. Find out more.

Hartford, CT

Connecticut Landmarks is an organization dedicated to maintaining and restoring historic buildings in the state of Connecticut. Several of the historic homes owned by Connecticut Landmarks have had occurrences that suggest that something paranormal is, indeed, happening within the buildings. The G.O.N.E.R.S. Team was asked to investigate the Isham-Terry House in Hartford and we did so in June. We were asked by Connecticut Landmarks to do a "Live Reveal" at the Isham-Terry House, so that all interested parties could see what we found. Find out more.

Hampton, CT

The Ghosts of New England Research Society investigated a private home in Hampton, CT. The owners' first clue that something paranormal might be happening was when things began to mysteriously move around the house.

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Naugatuck, CT

The Ghosts of New England Research Society investigated a business location in Naugatuck CT. Click here to find out more.

Past Cases

Cromwell, CT

The William Ranney House

Built in 1741 by a Captain in the slave trade, this home featured a graveyard that was hidden in the back yard. This case was featured on Destination America's "A Haunting" in an episode entitled, "The Well to Hell"

We have received comments about this show:

Beth Williams, a fan from Facebook

(Posted to Destination America's Facebook Page): I couldn't help but notice in the past two seasons you've had a group called GONERS or Ghost of New England Research Society on "A Haunting." Love that show by the way. I think the shows they were in were the best in a long time. Especially that one last season about the man in the house in Cromwell, Connecticut. Any chance we'll see them in a series? I really want to see more of them.

-Beth W., NY, NY

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Meriden, CT

At the request of the owner of a tavern in Meriden, The Ghosts of New England Research Society was asked to determine the cause of a long series of paranormal events that were occurring in the tavern. The investigation became the subject of a television broadcast on Destination America for an episode of "A Haunting" called "The Uninvited." Find out more.


October: 2012: G.O.N.E.R.S. was invited to visit Bermuda and we received a writeup in The Royal Gazette. This culminated in a visit to Bermuda in February, 2013 and we visited to explore a house that was built in Orange Valley and also a notorious prison. For more, please see our Bermuda page.

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Images from a recent case in Central Connecticut:

An apparent rainbow of light in the main room of a basement

In the main room of that same basement, there is a rainbow of color that was taken in a photo as our investigator exited the hallway and entered the main area.

Streak of Light in image

This streak of light was also picked up by our camera. At least one on our team is suggesting that this could be a lens flare artifact. Note the light source from above that may have created the blue streak.

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The Ghosts of New England Research Society has recorded a large number of EVPs which are unexplainable. In many cases, these sounds were inaudible to the people present but were picked up on sensitive sound recording equipment that we use on-site:

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